Getting in the Web3 game with Bud Light x NFL

In brief

Bud Light and the NFL had teamed up for something big: a Web3 game experience packed with digital collectibles that would give fans the chance to flex their football smarts and win super (bowl) prizes. As part of a cross-organizational group, I led a design team to develop the core UX/UI for this digital experience, exploring some new technologies and the intersection of sports and tech fandom. With only a few weeks before game time, this would be a design sprint to the finish.

UX/UI design, product design, UX writing, project management

Building a buzz-worthy marketing site

Making a game plan

Aiming to plug seamlessly into a workstream in progress, my team of three Zeus Jones designers got to work building a marketing site with some bold, fresh visuals. I kept our full team focused on producing strong design that'd really get a good buzz going.

Building on existing brand assets, we rapidly created a full set of visual styles and custom graphics.
Football and the blockchain aren't a typical combination, so I created an overview of the game experience that broke down the basics and highlighted the $2MM in prizes.

Game on: picking a winning (design) strategy

Getting in the game

Through a nifty integration, users could connect a digital wallet and mint collectible Bud Light Team Can NFTs—their ticket to the weekly Survivor Pick 'Em game. Our job was to make the experience look and feel as cool as the tech behind it.

Each week of the NFL season, users picked a team to win a matchup. If they chose right, their Team Can would gain value, and they'd gain a better shot at $2MM prizes.
Alongside the Pick 'Em game, we developed an e-commerce experience that enabled players to make smart additions to their growing collections.
My team played one of many moving parts in this build, so it was important to make a clear, effective handoff.
With a well-defined style library and design system, we made it easy for engineering and future teams to build on our foundation.
Game highlights

In just a few weeks, my team designed the core experience for a Web3-powered celebration of sports fandom. Cheers to that!

Elana is an outstanding partner. She's very well-versed in the best practices of UI + CX and has an excellent eye for design, flow, and the overall user experience. She did a wonderful job of managing our team meetings throughout the project and she and her team delivered outstanding work. It was fantastic working with her and we will definitely look to bring her in on future projects."
Jamie Davies
SVP Web3 Strategy at Subnation