Kohler's next step—into something ahhhsome

In brief

These days, we all could use a little pampering. Combining skincare ingredients and some of clever engineering, Sprig offers a transformed shower infused with natural, sustainable botanicals. As Kohler’s first direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform, Sprig required an effective and efficient user experience. I coordinated three cross-organizational teams to design for Sprig's big debut.

management, UX/UI design, strategy

How to put some Sprig in your step (& shower)

Getting organized

Applying a century of experience creating products for the bath and home, Kohler envisioned a new sensation. You could even call it a scent-sation, if you also enjoy terrible puns. To help bring Sprig’s new shower-engineering wizardry and naturally-infused moments of zen to a bathroom near you, I had to get organized—enough to help three teams collaboratively create something ahhhsome.

After refining our sitemap—highlighting Sprig’s smart shower device, unique infusion pod ingredients, and easy installation—it was time to turn shower experience into digital experience.
My team at Zeus Jones partnered with Clockwork to develop Sprig’s digital debut. My job as PM/designer was to get our cross-organizational team from inspiration to exemplary e-commerce—on time and impeccably designed. That meant Figma mood boards and Airtable information architecture were soon in the works.
Keeping our three teams on track, I used Trello to manage our roadmap. In collaborative workshops, we defined ‘marquee moments’ in the Sprig experience: strategic design opportunities to help Sprig make a splash.
Designers Sam, Kenzie and I started thinking about flow for showers and screens alike. To navigate the constraints of our e-commerce platform, I knew we'd need to thoughtfully balance investment in creative and technical functionality.
To give the Sprig MVP launch a boost, we strategically invested our design efforts—balancing efficiency and experience.

Designing for the next-gen shower experience

Smart, steamy design

We got to work on a design as clean and fresh as a Sprig shower—highlighting the Sprig device, its relaxation-inducing infusion pods, and the benefits of natural botanicals for our skin, mood, and sanity in these trying times.

To introduce Sprig to potential admirers, we broke down the next-gen shower experience into three easy steps.
We streamlined the shopping experience, enabling users to shop by their favorite product, scent, or curated collection.
Highlighting Sprig’s quality ingredients, we designed a custom blend of iconography, illustration, and imagery.
The Sprig device is a little piece of plumbing wizardry that makes the shower magic happen. I constructed its product detail page to mirror its clean, effective simplicity.
When it comes to your shower head, one size does not fit all. We prototyped an interactive quiz to help shoppers quickly navigate to the right Sprig shower infusion kit.

Going global: building on a strong foundation

Easy installation

To support our project partners and impending launch, we built strategic resources, libraries, and systems that captured the essentials of the Sprig digital experience.

In anticipation of the impending launch and future Sprig events, I created a few multi-purpose banners.
Before handing off pages to our dev and Kohler partners, we created clear documentation to make scaling Sprig easy.
We defined Sprig styles and components in comprehensive libraries, optimized for desktop and mobile.
Key results

Much to the sweet satisfaction of the Kohler Sprig team, we were able to deliver the design experience with added value and ahead of schedule. The shower will never be the same.

“Thank you for taking our jumbled vision and turning it into beautiful designs that make the Sprig brand come to life! You’ve done amazing work, and we truly appreciate it.”
Amanda Barrette
Channel Manager, Kohler